Step 2: Register for Crown Online



CROWN have established a unique Online Ordering system exclusively for Retailers who purchase and display CROWN furniture.

  • Prepare Quotations - is any combination of range, cabinet colour and accessory colours to suit a Customer's requirements.
  • Mix It Up - Allows you to easily combine multiple ranges in one quotation.
  • Print Quotations - in various formats, including unit summary with and without prices, plus full unit summary with option to include component breakdown.
  • Amend Quotations - as a customer's design evolves.
  • Duplicate Quotations - and change range to provide pricing in alternative ranges.
  • Simple Conversion - of a Quotation into an Order.
  • Accuracy - Only items available within the specific range are shown - this helps to make ordering more precise with fewer errors.
  • Itemised Breakdown - With every order you receive an immediate copy of your order together with an itemised breakdown.
  • Amend Orders - after sending and submit details of amendments to the distributor.
  • Keep up-to-date - with the very latest news and promotions are Crown.
  • Brochures and Technical Information - available online.
  • Step-by-Step Process - Easily learnt, and distributor staff and ASMs are available to help and guide you during the early stages.
  • Why delay ... REGISTER NOW!
The next few pages will:-
  • Let you register to start using Crown Online Ordering.
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